Megan Aeschbach


Megan started with Catapult in 2020 as an Analyst. With family in the industry, it seemed natural for her to pursue an interest in oil and gas. She began by creating data visualizations and analytics for several companies working in the Marcellus Shale and Permian Basins. Her experiences working with technical teams in both field and office environments gave her a broad understanding of the industry.

At Catapult, Megan provides critical support to the entire team and builds systems and tools necessary for the growth of the company and seamless integration of new assets. Her work with data and visual analytics helps Catapult answer questions and make sound business decisions. Megan thrives in the variety and challenge of creating a novel approach to handle each new data set, and her dedication to each task is obvious to her coworkers.

When she’s not coming up with new visualizations or analytical tools at Catapult, Megan loves playing golf—she goes to PGA tournaments as often as possible. She also enjoys sewing, crafting, and hanging out with her husband and pets.