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Mineral and energy investments for the long-term

We invest in mineral and royalty interests acquired from businesses and landowners, and we work with top-tier E&P companies to lease and develop these resources. With us, the process of selling your mineral rights is easy, professional, and straightforward. We do more than sign contracts—our detailed assessment gets you the value you deserve because we see each property as a long-term commitment.

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Make your minerals work for you

There are many reasons to sell your mineral rights, but each situation is unique. Whether you’re concerned with avoiding risk, simplifying estate planning, diversifying your portfolio, or simply want the income and tax benefits of divesting your mineral rights, our professional, friendly team can give you a clear picture of the path forward.

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E&P Operators

Premier resources ready for development

We have undeveloped acreage for lease in core areas of multiple basins. With decades of operations experience, our team understands what it takes to develop and produce. We're ready to work with you and grow together.

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Our Assets

Diversified holdings across the U.S.

From the Utica and Haynesville Shales to the Delaware Basin and down to the Gulf Coast, our holdings represent some of the most mineral-rich acreage in North America. By proactively managing our assets, we protect and build a better, more dependable future.

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